Sunday, April 20, 2014

@ Apropos in Columbus' Victorian Village

Hold The Coffee finally hits Columbus' coffee scene with my first visit to a popular coffee and wine cafe in the city's Victorian Village neighborhood.

Matt is holding my sweater and water bottle here. What a good boyfriend. 
Despite being nearly an hour commute away from Mount Vernon, Matt and I make semi-regular trips to the city in the spring and summer months when our local YMCA cuts its Sunday hours altogether. (You can see that Matt and I don't mess with our gains.) On Sunday April 13, we took a tread down from the Downtown Columbus YMCA to the city's Victorian Village. In addition to picking up lunch at Katalina's Cafe Corner, Matt and I recharged ourselves at Caffe Apropos at 443 W. 3rd Ave.

Location: Apropos is focused on providing a European experience, and there's really no better neighborhood to do that than Victorian Village and its European era style homes and buildings.

I caught Matt Jaywalking. Criminal!
Matt gave me a short tour of the neighborhood that Sunday. I won't fake being any sort of architecture expect, but I was blown away by all of the unique homes densely lining up West 3rd Avenue and its corners. The neighborhood is also relatively quiet despite being only a handful of blocks away from Columbus' popular Short North commercial district.

Sitting inside a two-story building on the corner of Michigan and West 3rd Avenue, Apropos was maybe one of less than 10 eateries Matt and I crossed in our 30-minute walk through Victorian Village. And with hours extending to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, Apropos offers a great asset for hangouts.

Food and Beverage: Did I mention Apropos sells wine? And by "sells wine," I don't mean a dinky shelf behind the counter. I am talking about a back room filled with to shelves of wine (and some beer) that people can buy or drink at Apropos. most of the bottles in the room are sorted by region/nation and offer a better selection than your typical Kroger.

I admit. This is my worst food photo ever. It's like some 
suburban white girl shot it. I could've at least asked for 
glasses  instead of to-go plastic. 
Apropos also offers breakfast, lunch and pastry items, but Matt and I stuck with ordering two large ice coffees (with a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream for Matt) for $6 and change. I needed to save my money to buy a Bully Hill Riesling for $12. (The winery is based up in Upstate New York's Finger Lakes region, of course.) In addition, Matt and I have made a commitment to limit the sugar we consume in these coffee shop adventures.

Space and Atmosphere: Apropos has wonderful interior space full of dark red- and orange-colored walls. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to shoot too much of it. Not long after I pulled out my iPhone Sunday, a barista behind the bar asked me (nicely with a laugh) to stop the photography. (He said the place was a bit of a mess.) I smiled and nodded my head. I considered telling him that I am a coffee shop blogger, but I wasn't certain if that would make him feel any better.) Truth be told, I have never once mentioned my blog during a Hold The Coffee adventure, and I probably won't unless someone asks me what I am doing.

Here is on the few photos I swindled that Sunday before
getting caught.
Matt spoke to me about that very issue after ordering our iced coffees at Apropos. Maybe one day I will go back and interview the owners/managers of these great coffee shops, but right now, I want to surround the blog on my experience at each place and I fear notifying businesses ahead of time would just cause more hassle than needed. (Besides, no one should take this blog too seriously.)

Anyway lets get back to Apropos' interior decorating. The wood and tile flooring as well as the red mahogany furniture definitely has an Italian flare--or maybe I am just saying that because I noticed a handful of vintage Italian posters mounted on the walls.

Apropos has plenty of electrical outlets and half of the patrons Matt and I crossed that Sunday were working on their laptops. The place was rather packed that Sunday and having finished my first visit there, I can see why. It's a beautiful coffee shop in a beautiful neighborhood.

Again, if you have suggestions of a coffee shop for a future entry, send it to me via on Twitter at @SimonSaysNH.

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