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@ Uncorked in Coshocton's Roscoe Village

Hold The Coffee is time-traveling back to Erie Canal's prime time this week with a look at a coffee and wine bar in Cochocton. (Don't I just come up with some of the most riveting blog intros ever?)

Matthew Sellers,
Boyfriend. Soon-to-be-Nurse. Philosopher. Ohio State grad.
My boyfriend Matthew and I embarked on an hour-long road trip Saturday, May 24, to visit the historic district Roscoe Village in the city of Coshocton. He's been to the tourist attraction and neighborhood a few times before, but this was my first visit to Roscoe. We originally had planned a visit around a friend's upcoming wedding next weekend in Coshocton, but those plans fell through--not the marriage thankfully, just our plans. Since we hyped each other over the visit anyhow, we settled on spending our Saturday, which is famous for its significance along the Erie Canal. We did a lot of things Saturday, including visiting the less exciting downtown Coshocton, but on top of the itinerary that Saturday was a stop at Uncorked Coffee and Wine Bar.

Uncorked is similar to Treehuggers in Berea: both have waitresses and blur the lines between coffee shop and sit-down restaurant. Difference is, Uncorked is not set behind a large parking lot inside a strip plaza.

No big bad wolf is going to blow this village down! Boom!
Location: Roscoe is like Erie Canal meets Vera Bradley. (That was one modern-day brand Matt and I spotted inside a local merchant's shop.) Roscoe is very quaint and rich with historic buildings and homes, but it doesn't have the same vintage flare as an Amish village. (Not that I've ever visited an Amish village, but I have my own idea of what one would look like.)

Most of Roscoe Village's pedestrian-filled liveliness sits along North Whitewoman Street--a terribly offensive name considering there is no Blackwoman Street.

Uncorked sits in a three-story brick building in the center of all the activity, and is adjacent to Medbery Marketplace--my second favorite place in Roscoe after Uncorked. Throughout the day we visited the market twice and bought bacon cheese, dry-roasted okra, sweet corn relish and BBQ beef-jerky--all sourced from Ohio.  Medbery is like a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, but without the dirty corporate association tainting its benevolent image.

Matt two-timing wine with coffee... and later beer. "I do it
for religious reasons and for the flavonoids," he said. 
But the most impressive thing about Roscoe is the prevalence of exposed brick everywhere. Even the sidewalks are brick.

Food and Beverage: As I said earlier, Uncorked definitely blurs the lines between coffee shop and sit-down restaurant... and I would dare to add nightlife bar scene into the mix. In addition to all of the caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, Uncork serves sandwiches, salads, gourmet pizzas and appetizers.

To fuel up after our gym workout, Matt and I ordered a 12-inch gourmet chicken ranch pizza, a Jamaican Red Stripe beer, a Red Diamond Merlot, a large hot coffee and a large iced coffee. Altogether, we spent $27 and change. (And by "we," I really mean Matt.)

Our friendly waitress asked if we needed a box for leftovers. 
Who doesn't finish their pizza in one sitting?
Space and Atmosphere: I think it's fair to say I've never featured a coffee shop that gears itself so closely to a night-time bar like Uncorked. It's interior is dimly lit and filled with plenty of LED lights, tall chairs and stools and a bookshelf of wine bottles. It's outdoor patio, which provides roughly double the seating than inside, also has a nightlife persona. But on a sunny, calm Saturday, it also works for an afternoon lunch.

I had some doubts featuring Uncorked in this blog as a coffee shop, but not long after Matt and I left Uncorked, we spotted a bearded young hipster reading a book by himself while sipping on a hot cup of coffee in Uncorked's patio. Now while Matt has admitted of doing the same thing at bars, I firmly believe that such lonesome activity reinforces the idea that Uncorked is indeed a coffee shop. It might be various other means, but it's definitely a coffee shop, and a great find for anyone looking to add history into their dining culture, or someone looking for a neat place to have coffee off of Interstate 77.

This bookshelf of wine bottles would make Belle from
"Beauty and the Beast" jealous.
Again, if you have suggestions of a coffee shop for a future entry, send it to me via on Twitter at @SimonSaysNH.

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