Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hold The Coffee asks "What's your favorite coffee shop?"

It was a little more than a year ago when a few friends at the News-Herald, led by Devon Turchan, suggested I start a blog reviewing coffee shops. I joked back then--and still do--that if I wrote one it would focus on things like space, atmosphere, location and sometimes service, if warranted. It would have nothing to do with coffee, and certainly not the taste of coffee. Considering I drown my mugs in Stevia and milk, I was in no position to critique coffee.

For me,  a cup of coffee always taste better with some 
Stevia in it. Especially when it's Stevia in the RAW, as
pictured here.
Today, I am still not a good coffee critic, but I have learned plenty about the differences between washed and unwashed beans, the brewing methods of press, drip and pour-over, and sourcing beans in African, South and Central American regions.

All this time, people have asked what's my favorite coffee shop so far. I've told everyone, even my boyfriend and blog editor Matt, the same answer: I am just not sure.

Over the next few weeks, I will be narrowing down my favorite coffee shops to one with a big reveal to come Jan. 12. (I am trying to design a special coffee mug for the winner of my heart.) I am pulling a Lebron and calling this contest: "Decision 2015."

Meanwhile, I want to know which coffee shops are loved the most by readers. I imagine most people haven't been to half of the coffee shops I've featured, and that's fine. I am looking for any and all opinions, just as long as you're not a spammer. Please fill out the form below--even if it means choosing a coffee shop I haven't featured yet. I plan to close the poll Jan. 9 and release the results the same day as Decision 2015.


Also, just so no one is mistaken, I will continue visiting and featuring coffee shops next year, as well as repeat this contest at the end of 2015. I can list approximately a dozen coffee shops that either haven't been featured or are slated to open/re-open next year, and that's just in the Cleveland-area alone. I also plan to feature as many shops in the Columbus, Akron, Buffalo, Canton and maybe even Erie, Pa. markets. They're not going to be posted as frequent as every week for obvious reasons, but I am still committed to exploring as many new and different coffee shops as possible. And maybe one day I will settle down and commit myself to calling one neighborhood shop my home. Maybe.

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  1. A very distinct competition this is, but its wonderful nevertheless. I myself am a very avid coffee drinker but i cant really critique coffee!