Monday, July 6, 2015

@ Public Espresso + Coffee in Downtown Buffalo

NOTE: I apologize for the drought of posts lately. I've been managing a few adjustments in my life, including moving to a new apartment in Cleveland Height's Coventry neighborhood. I hope to post my next entries in a more timely fashion.

Hold The Coffee returns to Buffalo this week to feature my first visit of a downtown coffee shop, and the first that is trying very hard to bring third-wave coffee to the city.

My mom is too modest to model in my blog post so I
took on the role.
My visit home dates back to Friday, May 15, to see my brother, Adam, graduate from Hilbert College with a Bachelor's in accounting. Being late spring as it was, I was eager to see what progress Buffalo's Main Street has been making since a multi-modal streetscape makeover had wrapped up late last year on the 600 block. (The project has now moved to the 500 block with a goal of getting the remaining blocks finished at a later date.) 

I forced my mom to tag along with me on my adventure through downtown Buffalo. Without question, we had to visit a coffee shop. Lucky for us, Public Espresso + Coffee opened its first of two shops this past March inside a restored 110-year-old hotel in the middle of downtown. The seven-story Hotel @ The Lafayette also took a pretty stunning turnaround as a multi-use building with hotel rooms, apartments, retail, pubs and a coffee shop. (Watch a short video feature on the project here.)

My cousin, Tracie, and her husband, Matt, even hosted their wedding reception at the hotel's Greenhouse Room this past June.

The redeveloped 600 block of Main Street. I dragged my
mom through a handful more blocks of Main Street.
To get a sneak peek on the reception venue (and learn more about parking in the area,) my mom gladly agreed to tag along with me Friday, May 15.

Location: Similar to Cleveland, it seems like coffee shops take a longer time to make their splash in a downtown area, (at least ones with weekend hours,) but with more housing being constructed downtown, we're seeing that change dramatically. In addition to Public's opening in March, another coffee shop, Buzz, opened this past September in the Theatre District. In addition, a local mother and son are opening their own coffee shop in downtown's Genesee Gateway District called Rust Espresso Bar.

For a long time, SPoT Coffee has held its roasting headquarters and cafe in downtown's Chippewa Strip, and just a little north in the Allentown neighborhood, sits a newly opened vegan + coffee spot, Grindhaus Cafe. I am not keeping a score card of what is and isn't apart of the third-wave coffee movement, but lets just say coffee-options in downtown have definitely exploded over the years and will continue doing so in the near future.

A great bar counter area and city mural behind it.
Breaking the tradition of so many downtown coffee shops before it, Public has pretty stellar hours--staying open as late as 6 p.m. on Sundays and 8 p.m., all other days.

As my mom and I learned, finding available street parking on a Friday afternoon can be hard, but there are quite a bit of public transit and bike-friendly routes to take as well to the shop. The Metro-Rail is in fact just a block off from the shop. (Now if only the rail line could be extended to South Buffalo.)

The one thing that could improve about Public's location is signage. A sign standing along the sidewalk was the only thing my mom and I could find to indicate that we were going into the right place.

Food and Beverage: Like most third-wave coffee shops, Public doesn't have much to offer for lunch and dinner, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything good to eat.

I think the muffin might've had cranberries in it and the
pop tart had cinnamon in it. These are the uncertainties I face
when I lose my notes and wait this long to write a post.
Public contracts a lot of its pastries with local bakeries--we're talking Elm Street Bakery in the village of East Aurora, BreadHive Cooperative on Buffalo's upper west side, Fairy Cakes in Buffalo's Parkside neighborhood, and the pop-up shop Butter Block.

All of them are great, but what sticks out most is Butter Block's lovely pop tarts. My childhood heart has always held a special place for the pop tart, and I would love to see more coffee shops selling these type of pastries.

I sadly lost my notes from the day, and I can't remember what my mom and I precisely ordered or how much it cost. (I do know she paid for it though--hehehe.) I know I ordered a glass of Kold Brew (there's an accent in the spelling), and my mom--who was introduced to pour-over only a year ago--had some trouble deciphering Public's menu. She eventually ordered a glass of The Revolution Espresso Blend. I remembered this because she was worried it had a shots of espresso in it. I also later bought a bag of this blend's beans and a sealed glass bottle of Public's Kold Brew. My siblings thought the bottle was some unusual craft beer at first.

Wonderful space to relax. My mom, who is a professionally
certified people watcher if such a thing existed, especially
loved watching all of the folks walking through the lobby.
Space and Atmosphere: One thing you have to know about Public Espresso's downtown shop is that it is physically in Hotel @ The Lafeyette's lobby. It shares space on the floor lobby with a small wall dividing the shop from the hotel's front desk. At first, I thought this was crazy unusual, and I remember asking staff on its Facebook page whether the shop was truly opened to the public or served only apartment users and hotel patrons--similar to a coffee kiosk.

Despite my concerns, the shop's interior is actually very awe-inspiring. I love the high ceilings, huge white columns and unusual furniture. I never watched or read "The Great Gatsby," but the lobby/shop certainly reminds me of it.

About a week after our visit, Public's staff posted on social media that they plan to extend their lease three more years at the hotel. I was super excited over that piece of news, even though I am most excited about them opening their flagship shop in Buffalo's upper west side later this year.

It may look like a bean bag chair--that's what I thought, certainly--
but this leather rounded piece of furniture is far from it.
Again, if you have suggestions of a coffee shop for a future entry, send it to me via on Twitter at @SimonGH_Says.


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